We invite and inspire you to achieve functional strength (muscle that performs in many directions), flexibility, range of motion, and balance with our Pilates method of exercise and body movement.

The Pilates technique was developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates. He called it “contrology” because of the controlled nature and discipline of the exercises. Pilates has found popularity with people of all ages and body types because of its attention to posture, strength, flexibility, control, and muscular symmetry. By focusing on the core muscles while keeping harmful pressure off the joints, Pilates provides a complete and safe body workout.
There are over five hundred different basic equipment exercises and many more variations and modifications. Every exercise is done in a particular sequence with a high degree of precision and mental focus. As a student progresses, the workouts become more challenging and aerobic because they work several muscle groups simultaneously. The movements are inherently more effective because they stretch one muscle group while strengthening another requiring a great deal of core control.

Whether you are healthy and just want to take yourself to a new level of strength and flexibility or you have health issues, let us introduce you to the Pilates method and the Mind to Motion successes