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Teaching Pilates is a challenging and rewarding career and properly qualified instructors are in high demand. We at Mind to Motion Pilates Plus understand the importance of choosing the right Pilates certification program.

Whether you are interested in teaching Pilates mat and/or equipment, or continuing on to achieving comprehensive PMA certification, we have a solution for you. There are many Pilates teacher training options available, however, cost and quality of the programs can vary greatly.

In 2005 and 2006, we took our initial, comprehensive Pilates training through the PhysicalMind Institute of New York and, in the years since, established a highly successful Pilates studio and chronic health issue business.




From these years of experience and success, we are honored to now become a training facility for the PhysicalMind Institute.

In our program, you will learn the Pilate Fundamentals, to gain an understanding of the basic movements of our bodies. We will then address the structure of the human body, covering anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics and applied kinesiology. After learning how the body works, you will learn how to apply your knowledge through the Pilates  Level One, Level Two and Level Three exercises.

The PhysicalMind Institute is the original Pilates certifying organization. It began in 1991 when Joan Breibart co-founded The Institute for the Pilates Method along with Michele Larson and Eve Gentry, one of the original Pilates elders. They began the Institute because they saw a need for an organization that would provide teacher training in the unique methods of Joseph Pilates.

The PhysicalMind Institute has trained thousands of instructors worldwide and continues to deliver some of the most evolved training for Pilates and fitness professionals as well as providing continuing education for its members. Our Pilates instructor training courses offer some of the most innovative approaches and practical application in contemporary movement systems.

What does it take to become a Pilates Instructor?

  1. Becoming a certified Pilates Instructor takes time, commitment, and dedication.

There is no doubt about the fact that Pilates is here to stay. It has proven not to be just a fad due to its effectiveness and staying power. Becoming a certified and highly proficient Pilates instructor is much more involved and rewarding.

  1. Answer the following questions.
  • Do you enjoy teaching? It’s not only about learning the material but being able to properly instruct and teach the knowledge you’ve acquired.
  • Do you enjoy speaking to groups of people? Perhaps you don’t know if you do but the possibility sounds intriguing.
  • Do you have an interest in anatomy and exercise science?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Are you interested in job flexibility? After your certification, you will essentially set your own schedule and become your own boss.

While mastering Pilates techniques, our student teachers learn how to address the imbalances and injuries that people face in everyday life.

Graduates of our training program develop a complete understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and system, gaining valuable insight to help clients suffering from many types of injury, while safely exercising and challenging individuals of all skill and ability levels.

We encourage individuality and creativity while teaching you how to safely apply the Pilates fundamentals.


       Pilates Mat/Equipment Trainingpilates instructor training - limited space

Dates: Current class starting Wednesday, Feb 21

Wednesdays—5pm to 9pm—50 hours (classroom studio)

Observation—100 hours (student schedule)

Personal Practice—150 hours (student schedule)

Teaching—150 hours (master instructor/student schedule)

PhysicalMind national certification for Pilates Apparatus Training upon completion of course and passing final testing


Call today to see if you're a good fit for becoming a certified pilates instructor! 

Admission and Entrance Requirements

Requirements for entry into the program:

  • Schedule an interview with us at M2M.  Call Victoria at 520-245-6401.
  • Pilates Mat Training has no prerequisites.
  • Equipment Pilates Apparatus Training prerequisites:
    • Minimum 10 Equipment Classes with qualified instructor
    • Successful completion of the Mat Instructor Training


Entrance into our programs is determined by completion of the prerequisites and on a first-come-first-served basis. Space is limited.

Payment is due at the time of registration unless other arrangements have been made.

We appreciate your trust and are committed to providing the highest quality, contemporary Pilates Instructor education available.

“We can teach a thing or two…because we know a thing or two!”