Pilates: More for Men than Women?

by Admin on April 14, 2012

Think Pilates is just for girls? Actually, men need it more than women.

Perhaps the most remarkable asset of Pilates is its versatility. It was designed by Joseph Pilates to be a universal regimen that can benefit the healthy and the injured, the young and the old, and men and women. However, given the specifics of men’s biomechanical and physical needs, many exercise physiologists, physical therapists, doctors, and sports coaches, would argue that men need Pilates even more than women.


Let’s start with the male’s training history. Boys typically start training in sports earlier than girls and, unfortunately, they do it poorly. Improper training practices at a young age rarely allow boys to properly develop core strength and correct exercise habits. Over time, chronic lower abdominal weaknesses and destructive workout routines can manifest themselves in adulthood through such symptoms as back pain, instability and most significantly, inflexibility, especially in the hamstrings.

Put simply, men do not bother to stretch, before or after an activity, and if they do, it’s haphazard or incomplete, at best. So, they develop microscopic tears in the muscles and connective tissues and after time, scar tissue develops, and when the muscle is fatigued, it loses its flexibility.

Bottom line: what you don’t know can hurt you!

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