by Admin on April 15, 2012

More people are turning away from traditional medicine for illness and injury recovery and instead seeking alternative forms of care. Pilates is a huge contributor as one of these methods, in addition to chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and yoga which are growing in popularity as natural, nonsurgical ways to help people gain a deeper understanding of their bodies and to help in healing themselves.

Many diseases affect balance, increased muscle fatigue and tightness, and often interfere with bladder control. Pilates addresses these symptoms (and many more) by developing a different kind of strength—strengthening from the inside. When practiced according to the principles developed by Joseph Pilates (remember he called his method “contrology”), the method can improve how the body functions by strengthening core muscles and help the body seek homeostasis, or balance.

The individualized approach of Pilates appeals to those who have become frustrated with the one-size-fits-all treatments they have received in the past. I know at our studio and in my Rehabilative Pilates approach, we look at the whole being…the whole body, rather than just the injury.

The use of the body, mind and spirit creates the possibility of more experiences without pain and I am living proof.

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