Pilates FORE Golf

A golf swing involves the whole body and the act of swinging a golf club is an extremely demanding sports activity.

Think about the following:

·        The swing produces many times your body weight in compressive forces on the spine.

·        The swing takes place in approximately one second and many times in a single round.

·        The vast majority of golf injuries are not the result of a single traumatic event, but instead occur as a result of tissue damage sustained over time from misuse, overuse, and improper swing technique.

The majority of ‘swing faults” are actually “body faults”! Simply put, if you’re not strong and flexible, your body will suffer and so will your golf game.

Our program design is based on the following:

·        Golf swing body evaluation

·        Golf swing evaluation from PGA/LPGA teaching professional Marvol Barnard

·        Specific Pilates exercises to improve the golfing body, thus improving the golf swing

The golf swing is a little one-sided, which can create imbalance in the body. Pilates helps you to swing from the core, not your limbs, and to balance out the body against the forces of the swing. If you strengthen the core, increase your flexibility, build stability in the pelvis and shoulder girdles and balance both sides of the body, it will allow you to hit the ball farther, straighter, and more accurately.

And if you ever need joint replacement surgery, pilates prehab can get you back to playing golf much sooner.  Check out this article in Green Valley News:  http://www.gvnews.com/sports/thornton-helps-patients-prehab/article_120ae348-67e5-11e1-aab8-0019bb2963f4.html


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