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 Get your Isagenix here in Green Valley AZ at Mind to Motion Pilates Plus.  If you’re not sure which Isagenix products are best for you, sign up for the 2 free sessions (in the right column ==> and select “nutritional coaching” as one of your choices).  We’ll help you figure out what products you need and which you don’t.

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Alkaline and acidic foods are both necessary for good health. The problem is that most Western diets are highly acidic. If you look at the chart below, you can see if your daily nutrition leans towards the acidic or the alkaline or if you have a pretty good balance of both types of foods. The healthy, active person should have about 4 parts alkaline to 1 part acidic (exercise creates more acidity). Less active people might be fine with 2 parts alkaline to 1 part acidic.

The concern with over-acidity in the body tissues is that this creates a breeding ground for degenerative diseases. This is especially true for arthritic and rheumatic diseases “How to Get well” by naturopath Paavo Airola). Diseases do not like a body that is slightly alkaline, or about 7.3 for blood and about 7.4 for saliva.  If you are curious about the pH of your saliva, we have litmus paper at Mind to Motion and can easily check this for you.

We like the picture below because it shows how everything is coming back around to what is simple and basic! Remember, Hypocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

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Did you know? Most of us are so used to hearing about the benefits of milk and dairy products that we fail to even consider other options. Look below to see what coconut water can do for you!
This picture is entitled Quantum Health. [Quantum comes from Latin, from neuter of quantus, how great; see quantity.] How great!! If you are not experiencing the best health of your life, work with us. At Mind to Motion here in Green Valley, AZ, optimum health is our goal.

 Do you deal with mental confusion? Are you experiencing sinus and allergy symptoms? Are you plagued with fatigue and exhaustion? THese and other symptoms are signs of a sluggish liver. Giving the organs of our body a period of rest and rejuvenation is why we fully support the Isagenix cleansing system. The Isagenix cleanse is not a colon cleanse (or we would NOT support it). It is a gentle, cleanse that improves health ns well being of organs such as our liver. When you fully understand what our organs do for us, you realize you cannot afford to take them for granted. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see how important our livers are.  

At Mind to Motion, we believe in being proactive in our health. We are not going to wait for someone else to devise a “health plan” for us. There is so much about our health that is in our control. We cannot stop the aging process (yet…), but we do NOT have to grow old. Are you ready to create your own health plan? Join us and feel better than you ever felt before. Find your Quantum Health with us.