Condition Specific

Special Health Concerns


Originally, we named our business, Mind to Motion, but as we became more and more involved with our clients, we began to see our diversity and added Pilates Plus to our name.

The client needs and the versatility of the Pilates Method were soon found to be an incredible marriage.

Here are some examples of health issues that we can address using Pilates as an invaluable tool:

  • Post-Physical Therapy.

Once patients are discharged from their allotted physical therapy sessions, we encourage an advanced post-rehabilitation program in order to maintain health and prevent future injury.

  • Chronic Illness

Pilates has proven to be very beneficial to those with chronic health issues such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and others. Focusing on the basic Pilates principles is the key for improvement in breathing and balance and other problems associated with the various situations.

  • “Pre-Hab, Post-Hab” Program

The premise of this highly program is to ready clients for a pending ‘joint’ replacement surgery. We realized that there is more to the joint than just the joint itself, meaning the structure consists also of many soft tissue elements, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

By networking with orthopedic surgeons, we coordinate the timing of the surgeries to give us ample time to strengthen (pre-hab) the client, thus highly increasing the success of the procedure.

After the surgery and subsequent physical therapy, we welcome the client back for the continuation of the strengthening as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion.


The previous is just a sampling of what we offer for our special populations.

We are quite aware that “one size does not fit all” and we tailor our instruction to fit their needs.