What a cleanse day I had…by Karen Salvador

by Admin on April 21, 2010

For those not aware, I don’t do colon cleanses. I drink 4 oz of a nutritional drink in 28 oz of water four times in a day. I also have snack wafers and the best chocolates I can eat to keep my blood sugar up and hunger at bay. I don’t know how to explain to you all how good I feel. It didn’t start this way.

My very first cleanse day all I could think about was eating. I was shocked to realize how many times in a day we think about food, handle food, eat food, clean up after food, and repeat…. It wasn’t the hunger that was the challenge, it was the habits that surround our addressing hunger all day long. I began to understand that this cleanse day was quite liberating. No dishes to wash. No food to prepare. No groceries to buy. No dish to bake or cook. Simple. And I am cleaning my body at a cellular level of all the toxins it is inundated with over time, day-in, day-out. After the first cleanse day I was sluggish and weary. But my coach told me my body was working really hard inside to get the bad stuff out. She said to hang in there. Each cleanse day got easier and I felt better and better.

The wake up call for me was about 30 days into the program I went to see my son and his wife. I took a small book with me, but laughed because I could never stay awake on an airplane to save my life. It would be a long day of flying so once boarded, I lay my head back and prepared to fall asleep.  One eye opened. Strange, I thought. I don’t feel tired. Well, maybe I will read just a bit and then fall asleep. Nope. I read the book cover-to-cover. I went back and made more notes. It was an excellent book. Next thing I knew, the flight was over and I had not slept a wink and I never missed it.

BJ picked me up and we drove 2 1/2 hours to his home. Still wide awake and loving the time to talk to my son. We went out to dinner and then spent the evening palying board games. I was having a great time. They finally asked me if I was tired. I had been up since early morning, all day flight, time change, and here it was well past my “normal” bedtime and the answer was, “No, I really am not tired at all!” It dawned on me that my body was no longer running on adrenaline to get me through the day. I had energy. I had endurance. I was getting my life back.

I’m still losing and I feel the best ever. I intend to be at my goal weight by August 2010, if not sooner. But my birthday month seemed an appropriate time frame. It has been simple to follow and do. There is no cheating or failure here. It is about giving my body what it needs to be healthy. So it is about good, better and best. On a good day, things didn’t go the way I wanted, but I got nutrition in me. On a better day, things went pretty well and I got my nutrition in me. On the best days, it all came together beautifully and I got the nutrition in me. Always moving forward. Always making progress. And when I look at pictures of the person I was when I started this, I hardly recognize her. She was old, fat, tired and run down. The person I am today is not. Join me, you won’t be sorry. Today was the best day.

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