Walking the Labyrinth by Karen Salvador

by Admin on April 16, 2010

Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years. Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends to trick you. A labyrinth is a complex spiral pattern that leads to the center. It is a metaphor for life’s journey. You begin outwardly moving in, sometimes finding yourself nearer the center, other times journeying near the edge. Phyliis K. Kennemer said it best, “Just when we think we know what the future holds, something unforeseen blindsides us, causing us to forget the calm, peaceful center that exists within.”

So often in life, we believe we are on the right track only to discover we have strayed far, far away from our original destination. Walking an actual labyrinth keeps us moving. It is meditation in motion. One keeps moving closer to the center, contemplating the steps it takes to get there, with the center always in focus and we know with certainty we will get there. As in life, we will get there, but all the noise gets in the way, confuses us, distances us, disorients us. Taking important time to block out the noise, focus on the center and metaphorically walk the steps there and back reassures us that we are up to the task, any task.

I’m in my chrysalis, preparing. I am doing the internal work to transform once again. Walking the labyrinth within, focused on the center, and reassuring myself that I am on the right course. In the end, the work will pay off for when the metamorphosis is complete, the butterfly will emerge. But at the same time, I am walking an external labyrinth. That’s one of the reasons I joined our IsaBuddy Challenge. The support we get on the outside filters through to the inside.

The Isabuddy Challenge is about so much more than pounds on a scale. It is a reminder we are not in this world alone. It is the support system that guides us all to our best selves. Isn’t it time you walked the labyrinth? Walk it with us!

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