Renewal by Karen Salvador

by Admin on April 18, 2010

As I continue in our IsaBuddy Challenge, I will share with you some of my journals. My thoughts don’t always have to do with food, but it is about living life more deliberately, more conscientiously and that includes how and why I eat. Here are my thoughts from yesterday and this morning. (Please note that your thoughts, experiences and questions are always welcome on any of our posts. Just click on Comments at the bottom of any post and you will be prompted to complete some basic information that ensures you are not a spammer and then enter your comment. All comments are screened so they will not appear until approved, but I get to them several times each day! Know that I approve any all all comments that are not spam. Sad we have to do this, isn’t it?)

I was in my yard this morning watering my plants and cutting my small patch of grass while humming a simple song to myself. I noticed how almost all of the brown was gradually fading away. My grass had been about half and half it seemed only last week, but now only a tiny patch remains of the dried, lifeless grass of last year. As I watered my ornamental grass I saw how the new growth was taking over the old. Then I moved to the patio and trimmed dead leaves from another plant only to see more deeply that it too was sprouting crisp green leaves from what appeared to be brittle branches.


I was reminded that this transformation is possible for me too. The dried, old parts of who I was can be overcome with new growth of who I am meant to be.


I went to an end of spring celebration last night at a dear friend’s house. The flowers in the yard were bursting with color as if to say they were going out in glory. This morning, I got to peek at their replacements. Baby tomatoes thriving on my two plants, two rosebushes full of buds; one bush already so excited it had to start blooming. People think the desert has no seasons, but it does. The changes are often subtle and require close inspection. They surprise and reward you.


We had the best fajita bar ever last night. I thoroughly enjoyed a delectable meal without overdoing it. I had one small glass of red wine that lasted me most of the evening. Earlier in the day I prepared. I had my two IsaLean shakes for my earlier meals and an IsaLean bar and ¼ cup pumpkin seeds with sea salt for my snacks, not to mention half my body weight in ounces of water. Life is so much better and healthier when we strive for balance and moderation in all that we do. The thought renews me.


Here is to our health!! Love, K

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