Ditch Processed Foods from Jillian Michaels

by Admin on April 10, 2010

Why You Need to Ditch Processed Foods Now!

Looking for an easy way to throw your hormones out of whack, bring your metabolism to a halt, and gain a lot of weight? Then eat more processed foods! Go to your grocery store and stock up on tortilla chips, crackers, and commercially-baked cakes and cookies, and then be sure to hit at least one fast-food joint on your way back. Eat everything you can find that comes in a box or contains refined grains, hydrogenated oils, or added sugar and preservatives. Keep it up, and soon you won’t be able to control your weight at all!I’m being a little snarky here, but you get the point. Processed foods are absolute murder on your hormone balance. Why? Here’s a dirty little secret: Your body doesn’t recognize them as foods.

Processed foods don’t come from nature; they come from factories. The more productive the factories, the more money the corporation makes. And the less the corporation can spend on the cheap raw materials going into those factories, the higher its profit margins. As a result, the diet of the 21st century is composed primarily of cheap crops like corn, soy, and wheat, whether or not we consciously recognize them on our plates. Of course, corn, soy, and wheat don’t have a lot of flavor on their own, so food chemists add a barrage of chemicals to make them actually taste like something. Think of corn, soy, and wheat as the blank canvas upon which the food-science industry paints the illusion of food.

This illusion might fool your taste buds into thinking you’re eating real food, but your body doesn’t completely fall for it. In fact, it doesn’t know what to make of the mess of toxic chemicals you just put into it. It scratches its head and goes, “Huh? What the…? I guess I’ll just do…this.” And “this,” your body’s very next reaction, is always, always bad news for your hormones. In the coming weeks, I’ll focus on some of your body’s negative reactions to specific ingredients in processed foods, so keep reading.

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