Pick One Thing by Karen Salvador

by Admin on April 17, 2010

Okay IsaBuddies, this upcoming week, think of one thing you want to change that will help you be healthier. Make it doable. You don’t have to pick a change the size of an earthquake. Glaciers change the face of the earth, little by little, but consistently over time. This week my goal is to floss and rinse my teeth with mouthwash during the day (in addition to the morning and evening ritual). I find that I don’t want to rush and put food in a clean mouth. I have a small, snack-size baggy that I put a little container of mouthwash and floss in. I started it yesterday.

What will help you? Cleaning out the food cupboard of all the foods you DON’T want to eat? Starting a food journal? Adding 20 minutes of exercise each day? Time to pick something. And remember, the hardest thing about making something a habit is putting the action behind it. If we fail to do something one time or one day, we chuck it. We give up. DON’T!! Keep that change in the forefront of your mind and stay with it. Keep silently coaching yourself to DO it. And when you do, congratulate yourself. Keep moving forward and you will be successful in this!

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