On the Road Again for Jerry by Thumper

by Admin on April 29, 2010

Jerry entered the front door of our studio, Mind to Motion, with an eye full of skepticism. Three years previously, he had been diagnosed with an incurable disease labeled Parkinson’s. He had worked out with traditional exercise methods (weight lifting/resistance training) and had managed to lose a considerable amount of body weight. However, chest pain that resulted in coronary artery stints, forced him to abandon this form of exercise.


Another of Jerry’s loves was also put aside – riding his beloved Harley Davidson motorcycle. He blamed the affects of the Parkinson’s symptoms for the dismissal of his beloved hobby.


“A neighbor of mine thinks you might be able to help me,” Jerry stated as he surveyed our studio. “But, I’m not so sure”.


“Well, let’s see what your situation is,” I smiled.


For the next half hour, he presented his past medical history and his three-year health decline. Several times, he brought up his passion for motorcycles. He lowered his eyes as he told me that his favorite bike was virtually destroyed from non-use while parked in his garage.


I listened attentively while witnessing his despair. But then I smiled and told him something he had not heard before.


“You don’t have Parkinson’s,” I said, “Parkinson’s has you. You’re letting it consume you. We can’t cure your disease, but we can work on its affects.”


Jerry’s eyes widened as he smiled.


Remember, Jerry, ” I advised, “at the center of chaos lays the energy.”


The next few days I will be chronicling Jerry’s road trip. Please stay tuned!


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