Me and Julia by Thumper

by Admin on April 20, 2010

A few years ago ( oh, all right, several years ago), I decided to pursue my life
long love of growing things; veggies, flowers, anything that would spring to
life from the soil. I had medically retired from law enforcement and began to pursue my
elusive college degree. I purchased five acres in the Tucson Mountains and
started an organic produce farm, a respite from society that I truly needed and

Old McThumper had a farm and on that farm I grew many things, but perhaps my
favorite was the many varieties of hot (and not so hot) chile peppers. I grew so
many, I had to find an outlet and I did; chile flavored salad vinegars. Make sure you use gloves when you do (ps… take gloves off before you go to the bathroom; ouch! lesson learned).

I took my veggies and my vinegars (contained in recycled white wine bottles) to
a very up-scaled farmers market in Tucson. The vinegars were spectacular. Every
color of the rainbow soaking in several different varieties of vinegars. Lots of
fun and somewhat profitable.

And one Saturday morning at the market, a lady from California gave me a memory
that I will cherish forever. The conversation went as follows:

“I love your vinegars and so would the lady I work for. May I purchase a
couple?” she asked politely.
“Certainly,” I answered. “Just tell me which you like.”
“It doesn’t matter. I’m sure Julia will love whatever I choose.”
“Julia. Is that your employer?”
“Yes…Julia Child. Are you familiar with her?” she smiled.
“The Julia Child?”
“Yes,” she laughed. “The Julia Child. I’m sure she will love them.”
I wrapped them up and she left me with a twenty dollar bill and a huge smile.
However, it didn’t end there. Three weeks later, I received a phone call.

“Thumper, please hold for Ms. Child,” I was told. Cruel joke from one of my
obnoxious police buddies, I thought.

“Thumper, this is Julia Child. I just love your vinegars.” It was that
voice…that Julia Child voice. It was Julia child!

We talked about something and everything for a few minutes, but I’ll be damned
if I can remember what we said. Words aren’t easy to remember when you are
riding on a cloud.

But I do remember one thing…for just a little slice of heaven…it was just me and

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