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by Admin on August 3, 2014


  • To provide a healthy and nutritious meal to person(s) that suffers an altered lifestyle due to chronic pain in the Green Valley AZ and Sahuarita AZ areas
  • To provide this meal without charge by funds donated for this purpose and this purpose only
  • The meals preparation, service, and cleanup will be provided by The Date Knight
  • The date and time for this occasion will be determined from an interview with the selected recipient
  • Frequency of this service will initially be once a week, with a different party each week, with more added later as time becomes available

 Everyone looks forward to a “date night”!


  • Person(s) selected will be determined by referrals from caring and informed community members
  • Once selected, menu will be offered to the recipient for their preference in meal and drink choice (dietary restrictions will be considered)
  • Alcohol will not be provided because of medical concerns
  • To refer someone please email us.


  • All foods will organically be grown, either from the The Date Knight’s personal gardens or purchased from organic food providers
  • The meals will be prepared by Ed “Thumper” Thornton, The  Date  Knight, and volunteers.

The  Date  Knight  project is a small, but extremely enjoyable part of Thumper’s ongoing quest for awareness, education, and coaching for those suffering from chronic physical and mental pain.

Please visit his website www.ThePainProfessor.com for alternative and diverse guidance on pain education and application. Please pass it on to others you love and care about.

Who knows…you may just help someone enjoy a better life.

 To donate to this worthy cause …

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