Get the Negative out of Getting Healthier

by Admin on April 22, 2010

By Karen Salvador

The decision to get healthier requires you get negative words out of your vocabulary such as: can’t, cheat, and fail. I do not tell myself I “can’t” have that food or this food. I choose to have it or I choose not to have it. I do not tell myself that I “cheated.” I chose to eat what I ate. I may wish I hadn’t and may strive to make better choices next time, but I didn’t cheat. And I don’t “fail.” Words like can’t, cheat, and fail are diet words. We never support anything with the word “die” in it–so get rid of the words associated with it. Every day I make a conscious effort to make good choices that will enhance my health.

Using the Isagenix products, I prefer to look at it this way—good, better, and best. On days that I didn’t make the best choices for my food, but I got some of my nutrition I call it a good day. On days that I made some choices I was happy with and most of my nutritional products in me I call it a better day. On days when it all comes together and I am pleased with my food choices AND got my nutrition in me I call it my best day.

In this way I am always moving forward. Moving towards healthier choices is a process. You do not fail unless you quit. I am never going to quit. My health is too important to me!

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