Day One of Jerry’s Road Trip!

by Admin on May 1, 2010

Jerry did his usual therapy session on Tuesday. However, we did add a few extra
stretching exercises in anticipation of his upcoming land voyage. Our session
was at 8:30 and his departure was sometime after 12 noon. It’s funny, but his
excitement was contagious, not only to me, but others in the studio. 

At precisely 12:30, Jerry pulled into the parking slot in front of our studio. His
organization of his bike was incredible. Everything in its place and a place for
everything. Yeah, I thought. What a role model. Professional athletes,
politicians, and executives get incredible bonus’ for perceived performance. I
just got one for being associated with an over achiever. You gotta love it. 

As the pictures show, Jerry hit the road.
Jerry calls Thumper each day so that Thumper can continue to chronicle the trip.
Wait until you hear about his adventures!! We are so excited for you, Jerry!

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